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Check out our photo gallery for hunt photos, and to see the bucks you can expect!
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Buck Ridge Whitetails offers managed, trophy, monarch and special whitetail buck hunts with 140-170 class and beyond bucks.
Check out our photo gallery for hunt photos, and to see the bucks you can expect!


About Our Hunts
  These hunts are for exceptional bucks in the 140 - 170 class and beyond. Setups utilize tree stands, ground blinds, and sometimes still-hunting with bow and gun. The 100 acres of enclosed topography includes ridges, deep bowls with swamp, thick bedding areas, and a few small flood plots. All hunts are one guide for each hunter, and can be tailored to fit your needs. Be among the first to experience the thrill of hunting these tremendous whitetails.  

Buck Ridge Whitetails was established in 1994 by avid hunter and sportsman John DeJong, who has been addicted to whitetails since his first encounter with a buck at age 13. Hunting with his father, the sight of that first whitetail buck carefully working its way toward the big white oak, left an impression on him that would last a lifetime. In the years to follow, John hunted whitetails exclusively with bow and gun from Michigan's Upper Peninsula to Manitoba and here in his own backyard, taking many trophies, but always amazed by the majestic nature of mature whitetail bucks.

The heart-pounding excitement of the close encounters with the true monster bucks and the rush of watching these monarchs scraping, rubbing, lip curling, and doe chasing in a natural setting is what led to the creation of Buck Ridge Whitetails. In order to fund his passion for everything whitetail, John is now offering 4 or 5 top quality mature whitetail hunts each year. His top priority is giving you an experience and hunt that will be remembered for years to come. Whether it be sitting around the campfire swapping deer tales, or basking in the glow of a huge whitetail on the buck pole, everything at Buck Ridge Whitetails is designed for you to enjoy yourself; relax, have some incredible big buck encounters, and just plain have fun.

After all, that's what whitetail hunting is all about.


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